The holistic approach to e-success

You’ve got two minutes! The average visitor time might differ from company to company but two minutes is considered a long time when browsing a single website so what are you going to do with it?

Clearly, visitors have different needs, some are suspects, some are prospects and some are returning customers.

Figuring out what to do and who to do it to are questions that are most easily answered when you have analyzed traffic behavioral patterns and used various content and campaign techniques to assess your assumptions.

We have broken the process down into manageable increments and built our software around these result driven needs.

So, with a little bit of performance tuning your conversion rates should be soaring and that two minute visit is more likely to be the start of a new relationship.


Moving away from data overload and towards data understanding is a profit-maker and the result driven approach required.

Within our software is the ethos that just because something can be measured, it doesn’t mean that it is useful.

Analyzing historical data from your website visitors’ behavioral patterns can help you gain a greater understanding of your audience and how their needs line up with your objectives.

By working closely with you from the outset we can customise your software set up for reports and processes that more easily help you to manage data with the visual tools that are most suited to your needs.

Just because a business is labeled as “Enterprise”, it doesn’t mean that they all share the same needs or must simply have everything possibly thrown at them.

With a less is more approach we like to learn about what is important to you and put that exact information at your fingertips from within the application, or, if you are on the move, on your mobile phone.


Once you have identified who your audience are then you may think about how to serve each person, or group of people, in ways that they can identify with.

Segmenting visitors can be done so precisely when you use our software that you could spot the one-in-a-million visitor who you really want to find.

With a real-time profiling engine it means that you can depart from traditional monthly statistics reports and actively monitor your website, pro-actively being alerted when specific visitor profiles are on your site.

In fact, the dynamic monitoring console means that you can actively watch each visitor individually browsing your site and moving through the sales funnel.

With configurable rule sets you can pin-point visitors, segment them and provide variable content or actions based upon your custom objectives.


We all value long term commitment from our customers but how do you show them you are willing to commit to a long term relationship right from the outset?

When you use ActiveReception you can provide a host of different types of engagement to your segmented visitors to cater to the variety of individual service required by any would-be customer.

We broadly define them by four categories:

Custom Content | Call me back | Layer advertising Live Chat

Or combine them all for a great and unique visitor experience at different stages in the sales funnel.

And, once you have begun your new relationship, we know it will need to be managed so we have made sure that we can integrate with mainstream CRM applications leaving you with the ideal end-to-end solution, from marketing spend to after-sale care.


With all of the tools, ideas and creative methods you can now engage your visitors with, you are bound to see an improvement in your conversion rates.

But, this is a landscape that warrants continuous adjustment and a methodology that is perpetually raising the bar.

Fortunately, the reports within ActiveReception are real-time and apply to campaigns and their associated rule sets so you can make on-the-fly adjustments to see which adverts, invitations or content bring you the best conversion ratios.

Once you have seen an improvement you can learn what works and enhance it further, perhaps by segment and optimize.

Ultimately you will be bringing more people into and through the sales funnel than ever before with metrics that help you understand precisely what it is that is having such a positive impact on your bottom line.


Because we are all individuals...

They may all share the common interest of your content but as a publisher the challenge is to build a lasting relationship with individuals and reach beyond the obvious.

With the cliché of “time is precious” being more true today than ever before, the need to know the interests of your readership is paramount to ensuring you can attract the right demographics to get your top advertising revenue.

Knowing the problems publishers face today in making online revenue successfully compete with the traditional print model, we have found that maximizing the relationship with your audience is the key.

Beginning with developing an understanding of the “who” we move on to assess the “what” and then optimise the “how…to build the relationship”.

We have some great case studies so do please get in touch to learn how we can help.

Build Your Relationship

If you’re segmenting, chatting or advertising in an effort to build a relationship it’s important to remember that lasting relationships are built on trust.

Trust is established by respect for privacy of personal data which is something we consider of ultimate importance if e-commerce is going to maintain its credibility in the long run.

When using our software you are able to pass on this same level of personal data protection to your readers.

At the same time we can make sure your efforts to engage readers, or help them respond to your advertisers promotions, can be done in a manner that is not ‘spammy’ or overly aggressive.

Using a balanced approach for targeted advertising we can identify if a visitor is likely to convert, if it appears they are highly unlikely then for that visitor we can roll onto a different campaign.

What this means is that across your readership you may have multiple campaigns running, each targeting different visitors based on the likelihood of conversions meaning advertisers can start thinking about cost-per-lead advertising models and you can start focusing all of your attention on the business of publishing quality content…we will handle the rest.

Know Your Readers

Using behavioral analysis combined with lead generation marketing campaigns you can build a comprehensive understanding about who is visiting your site and what they like so you can anticipate which kind of advertising they will respond to.

Over time, the accuracy of your forecasting can continuously be optimized leaving you with a highly sophisticated segmentation of your audience and the experience of how best to convert them into new business for you or your advertisers.

If you really want to get to know your readers you can combine the segmentation with live chat and hold regular one-to-one, DJ-style, conversations with specific target groups.

From this you can learn visitors names, email addresses and any other information that people are comfortable sharing with you; in return you can make their future visits more personal and more meaningful.

Call Centers

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

In the last decade the conversation for call centers cost reduction has been to go offshore but that has created, in some instances, the quality assurance issues that have management ‘umming and arring’ about the offshore decision.

Even more of a problem for companies whose customer base is predominantly non-English speaking, (Hispanic, German, Dutch, French etc.) as the traditional call center avenues of Asia focus heavily on English language support.

So coming up with alternative cost saving ideas has been a bit of a mission for many companies; some making the decision to use a distributed work-from-home model; others to recruit from a temp worker or student worker pool and so on.

In our experience though each of these cases present their own challenges; mostly centered around employee turnover costs and maintaining quality KPI’s.

And, we’re telling you this because?…Well, we have a brilliant solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, or demand a big offshore change.

Just clever technology and an easy decision to save money.

Penny Pinching

If the tools at your disposal are the wrong kind then you are susceptible to still use them and end up in more of a dilemma that before you started. With tight budgets it is often call centers that are looked at as ways of taking big chunks out of OPEX requirements…reduce the people, reduce the cost. If you can’t reduce the people, use cheaper ones! Right?

Well, maybe. But there is an alternative, keep the quality ones and increase the number of inquiries they serve each day. In fact double their inbound inquiry volume or more.

QIn theory, reducing your head count requirements by half.

How is this possible? When someone is on the phone they can’t be talking to someone else as well.

That’s true, but with live chat and behavioral profiling we can determine who would be about to make a call to your call center…(they searched for your company and then went to the contact page to get your number for example), and proactively initiate a live chat conversation with them.

Your call center operator can use the in-built efficiency tools to manage multiple inquiries simultaneously; in fact, experienced people can often manage ten customers at once, (wow, a 90% decrease in costs…well, not entirely but you get the picture).

And, we are so confident of the savings that we even have a performance based license just sitting here ready for you.

KPI Keepy-Ups

Yes we do. Which is why, when we implement a solution, we take some time to learn about what is important to your organization and how you measure your internal KPI’s.

With the parameters established we can customize your configuration for reports that meet your needs and do not require you to adjust your practises to meet the needs of the software.

Our ability to provide a variety of training with set up allows us to take your business seriously and ensure that as you adopt a new channel of support your KPI’s don’t slip.

Call center managers can monitor conversations in real time and keep on eye on customer issues as they unfold using our unique RAG system.

It’s easy to prevent cases from escalating by catching them early and giving operators a little direct advice on how to handle the matter via the operator to operator chat.

And, of course, geography is no limiting factor; it’s an SaaS model so no matter where you, your managers, operators or customers are it’s one seamless team.

Oh, and did we mention the availability of the application in over ten languages.


Who’s that?

You know who that guy was in your shop? Yes?

Excellent. But do you know who that guy who was on your website?

Perhaps not as easy to answer. In fact, most SMEs rarely get the full value out of their websites and think that their modest visitor numbers are not ‘worthy’; let’s face it, the web is all about “Millions” and “loads of” etc. etc. etc.

Well, not really. For us the internet is an extension of a business premises and making sure you populate that extension with the friendly and personal service that embodies the ethos of many small businesses’ competitive advantage is a challenge that we will help you overcome.

In fact, it may be stating the obvious but every visitor is an actual person who, in the SME sector, is most likely there as a real lead rather than a casual browser.

Unless you are spending vast sums of money on website promotion the chances are that each visitor has found you through direct introduction, niche marketing or an industry specific link meaning that much of the pre-sale qualification has been done.

What we are saying is…every visitor is a likely lead and if you continue to ignore them then they will likely ignore you and bounce off to someone else.

We would like to help you overcome that and enable you turn modest numbers into not so modest profits.

Lead On

Chances are that as an SME you are averaging less than a couple of thousand visitors per day; or even a couple of hundred perhaps.

But, at the same time you’re an entrepreneur who has to do much of the core business operations themselves leaving little time for prospecting, let alone dealing with the prospects on your website.

This is why we have created live chat for SME’s with a unique set up that allows you to keep an eye on what is happening on your site but engage proactively only when you have a few moments spare.

If you find it’s proving a successful channel then you may wish to add a colleague or dedicated sales person to the team which can be done in just a few clicks.

Our personal Account Management will ensure that you have all the tech support you need to get up and running and start gathering up those leads on your website, without the downside of needing more people on staff or finding a technical person who can help you “set this up”.

You may be a small business and have a modest online operation but we value you and are here to personally make sure you can start converting those valuable visitors.

Fully Engage Sales

As an SME it is often challenging to provide the same service levels as Enterprises and the notion of outsourcing or off-shoring is certainly useful from a price perspective, but, managing such an endeavor can be more of a complication than a solution.

So, how do you provide a support channel that is cost effective, easy going on people’s time and of a standard that your clients feel is professional, on the ball and fundamentally reliable?

Well, using live chat is a good start and then making sure you select a provider that can give you the 100% uptime guarantee, (which we can), to ensure you are not embarrassed in front of your clients.

And, once you’ve got the hang of things you may want to add a little profiling or automated processing to the mix and give proactive, customized and targeted invitations to various visitors.

We know what it means to be an SME so we would be thrilled to have the chance to earn your business and help you make those breakthroughs in sales and support.